2. Exercises. Picture Dictionary. About Classic Tales. The Gingerbread. Man . 4 Write the end of the story again, correcting the mistake in each. The Gingerbread Man Story retold by Bev Evans. chancromaslodis.mlAD FULL. PDF EBOOK here { }. . One day, the little old lady decided to make a gingerbread man. The little old man got the oven. She got up and went to the kitchen where she put flour, sugar, butter and ginger into a bowl and mixed them all up. When she was done, she rolled it all out on.

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Make sentences about the story. 1 The gingerbread man has two eyes, 2 The old woman opens the oven door 3 He runs away from 4 He sees a river . “Run, run as fast as you can,. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!” he shouted. Page 5. The old man shouted “Stop! Stop!” but the. Gingerbread Man. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I am number __. Today, I would love to tell you a story, The Gingerbread Man. One day, an old woman cooked a ginger.

The woman put him in the oven to bake. Soon enough, he was ready and the woman opened the oven door, but to her surprise the Gingerbread man jumped out of it.

The woman and the man started chasing after him. As he was running, he came across a pig.

The pig tried to take a bite out of him but once again the Gingerbread man was faster. The pig joined the chase and now the old woman, the old man and the pig were running after him. But the Gingerbread man was faster.

Further along the path he came across a cow. It was not long before the Gingerbread man came across a horse.

I want to eat you! She made a little nose, an eye, then two eyes and a mouth, a big smiling mouth. She pushed the yellow sweet into place and put everything into a hot oven, and waited.

The Gingerbread Man

When the old woman opened the oven door the gingerbread man jumped out and ran across to the magic cook book. The old woman tried to stop the gingerbread man but he could run very fast. He ran under the table, over the chairs and out of the kitchen door before the old woman could catch him. By this time the old man was coming back to the house after feeding the horses, pigs, and chickens and could see the gingerbread man running around the garden. The pigs saw the gingerbread man and tried to eat him.

The gingerbread man ran into the chicken coop where the chickens began to fly about above the gingerbread man looking down on him as he ran through the eggs on the floor below.

But the gingerbread man laughed as the chickens tried to fly down and catch him. The gingerbread man was now running past the horses.

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A police officer was walking past the farm and stopped to listen. He could hear the horses neighing, the chickens clucking, the pigs oinking and the old woman and old man shouting.

The police officer went to look what was going on but he too was also hungry and when he saw the gingerbread man running towards him he put his whistle in his mouth and blew. Away from the farm the ginger bread man was about to run past an office worker, who was eating a sandwich.

A fox came out from behind a tree and smiled at the gingerbread man. He wanted to eat the gingerbread man but had a clever plan. Can you swim across the river? He liked gingerbread very much.

The gingerbread man was flying through the air up, up, up then Instead he felt 5 fingers around his tummy and before long he was looking into the eyes of the old woman.

The Gingerbread Man Traditional Tales Collection

The old woman closed her mouth and put her lips together and gave the gingerbread man a kiss on his forehead, moi. I made you because I wanted a baby. The fox ran back behind the tree and the old woman and the gingerbread man went back to the kitchen in the big old farmhouse.

The old woman started to cook again and as she was cooking she sang, louder and louder, over and over the same song,. In a short time the old lady had made a beautiful little gingerbread house with four windows, two doors, a bedroom and a living room.One to help children think about what their own feelings are, as they read through the story and one for them to indicate the Gingerbre.

The Gingerbread Man

Because we never know what they will do to us when we trust them. She then cut out a lovely gingerbread man and gave him blueberries for his eyes and buttons and icing for his mouth and clothes.


Stories not included ELA: By this time the old man was coming back to the house after feeding the horses, pigs, and chickens and could see the gingerbread man running around the garden. The gingerbread man was now running past the horses.

Use this gingerbread man activity as a companion to "The Gingerbread Man" story book or a gingerbread man theme.