Prelo Slab W01 Book Fonts. Prelo Slab W01 Book Font Info. Total Downloads Package: PreloSlabWBook. Style: Regular. Version. #1 Add to the head section of web page. Prelo+Slab" rel="stylesheet". download Prelo Slab Book desktop font from DSType Foundry on

Prelo Slab Book

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Prelo Slab Font: Prelo Slab is the serif companion to Prelo, a neutral, highly readable typeface, for identity, editorial and information Prelo Slab Book Italic. sandy_project/app/assets/stylesheets/Prelo Slab/ hover color, 5 years ago. PreloSlab-Book · Added fonts + added hover color, 5 years ago. Prelo Slab is a typeface designed by Dino dos Santos, and is available for Published by DSType Foundry as part of the Prelo Super Family. Book Italic.

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Prelo Slab - Hairline Italic

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Prelo Slab - Hairline

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Prelo Slab is the serif companion to Prelo, a neutral, highly readable typeface, for identity, editorial and information design. Apud, a typeface with narrow proportions, interchangeable we First designed for chilean newspaper La Tercera in , Act download Full Set. Copyright c , Mariela Monsalve marmonsalve gmail.

This license is available with a FAQ at: This font is a true handwriting font in all of its handwritten glory. All in all, it's as amateurish as it can get by means of production and level of painstakeness, but at least it has a solid and constructed look well, kinda so I'll give this font a B-minus because I'm feeling merciful today.

I call it lovitz cuz I used my own handwritten L in it. It's sort of wider than all the other letters and it's pretty cool for spelling out Love but it's kinda trashy, too, so that's why it's not Lov-e, but Lov-itz I made that up right now! The fonts that are being given to you by means of download from the World Wide Web Site http: You may download and use them as many times as you like, for private, educational, governmental or commercial use, within the proper limits of the standard Freeware license.

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I call it lovitz cuz I used my own handwritten L in it. The latest addition fonts More Active Images warrants the magnetic media to be free fromphysical defects for 90 days, after download.

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