ZURVITA COMPENSATION PLAN A higher way f life. A higher way Save this PDF as: Download "ZURVITA COMPENSATION PLAN". Error: Cancellatin X. Cmpensatin Chart Summary Zurvita Cmpensatin Plan (Revised 7/20/12) Page 2. proudly announces the Zurvita Compensation Plan, to reward Independent Consultants for their efforts in sharing a valuable product to the masses. The Zurvita. A higher way of life. Zurvita Compensation Plan (Revised 7/20/12). Page 2. Table of Contents. I. Commission Structure for Zeal. A. Bonuses – Paid Weekly. 1.

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I. Becoming a Zurvita Customer and/or Independent Consultant. II. The Zurvita Compensation Plan has multiple income opportunities including: Weekly .. Guidelines and Contract, go to your Z-Center, 'Tools' then 'Business Downloads'. proudly announces the Zurvita Compensation Plan, . As a Consultant, in any month Enroll 3 Preferred Customers with Zeal and get your Wellness Pak. As defined in the Zurvita. Compensation Plan, Sales Representatives can qualify for all of the same bonuses and commissions. available to MRs, however.

Let's take a look at the Kyani Compensation Plan, which has 4 main elements Kyani's Compensation Plan has no match in the Network Marketing industry right It has that defend against free radicals and a multiplicity of vitamins important December 12, by Scam Busters Comments You can also view the whole Kyani compensation plan pdf. Why do you ONLY get the so called 'free car' after selling a certain amount of products, converted so many Start your free trial This screen contains links to PDF versions of each agreement and Scam or legit?

The truth is that most of the people involved in these multi-level marketing schemes do not even make enough money to cover their own costs.

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Its a timing issue. Its your job to stay in touch with them as a friend until the timing is right. Final Thoughts Making Facebook part of your strategy means youll never run out of conversation partners or opportunities to build strong relationships with current customers, distributors and friends who could be the next to join. And now that you understand how network marketing requires passion, people skills and communication skills, youll be able to grow in them and apply them to Facebook without relying on Facebook alone.

Why You Should Use Facebook As a network marketing professional, success happens when someone downloads your products then shares the results with her friends, motivating them to download the product, too.

This process repeats over and over, making you more money each time. The more you share your products with others, the greater your success will be.

Since people sharing your products is one of the most important aspects of your business, wouldnt it make sense to join the community with the most people and the easiest ways for you to connect with them?

The best and largest community for networking and sales is Facebook. It has more than one billion users and is five times more popular than the next most popular social network. The Future Of Network Marketing Is Now In , we were told by one of the most successful network marketing distributors of all time the following: If someone could figure out how to build relationships on the Internet, they would build the biggest team of distributors in the history of network marketing.

Relationships with your friends, customers and distributors is the key to long-term success in our industry.

People order products and build business with those they know, like and trust. These three ingredients create the essence of a healthy relationship between you and another person. Think about your own network marketing business. Your best customers and distributors are those with whom you have the best relationships. Look at the most successful distributors in your company, as well.

The same holds true for them. The Internet has fascinated every network marketing professional since the mids. The fastest way for us to build relationships pre-Internet was to invite friends to a weekly hotel or house meeting. Between these meetings, we shared cassette and VHS tapes that demonstrated the power of our products and the opportunity those products presented.

Most friends didnt join until the meeting, which meant that it could take up to six days before they joined as a distributor. In the late 90s and early s, we skipped the cassette and VHS tape step and emailed contacts a slide and, eventually, a video presentation.

Friends signed up as customers and distributors in as little as a few hours. People were making downloading and joining decisions much more quickly. As Facebook became the dominant player in the social media space and, undoubtedly, the easiest place online to build relationships, we got goose bumps.

An eleven-year-old prediction from one of the most highly recognized distributors in network marketing had come true. Facts About Facebook Lets look at the facts about Facebook.

As of June, , Facebook boasted the following numbers: 1. Do you know any other website that has this many active members in their community?

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There isnt one. Alexa currently has Facebook ranked at number two, right behind Google. Of course, Google is not really a community. Google Plus, Googles half-hearted attempt at social media, has had nowhere near the success of Twitter or Facebook. Facebook has 7, employees, 14 offices in the United States and 34 international offices. This strong infrastructure allows Facebook to continue building features into a website that empowers network marketing professionals to thrive with their business.

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said, I want to connect the world. He isnt driven by money.

His passion to connect people is your opportunity to build a successful network marketing business in a shorter period of time than was possible before social media. There are other social media sites as well, but Facebook makes it easier than any of them to build relationships.

Twitters conversations are more fragmented and not gathered in any one place. On LinkedIn, in the few places where people gather often enough to converse, people are speaking from behind their professional personas, which can create walls rather than bridges.

Facebook is better for conversations because people spend the most time there, you see comments for a post all together, and private messages are grouped in an even more convenient way than most email discussions. Seeing the conversation all together on Facebook makes meaningful interactions easier. Lets check out Facebooks current features and how each benefits someone in network marketing.

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Profile: People do business with you because they know, like and trust you. Your profile allows others to learn about you in the way you want.

You can share your interests, photos, work history and more. Others can even see a timeline of your life on Facebook. The Newsfeed is where you see posts from friends and pages youve liked. It shows you what your friends are posting on Facebook and allows you to interact with those posts. The Newsfeed is different for everyone. Its your personalized view of your Facebook community.

Graph Search: You never want to run out of people to speak with about your products. If you keep finding new people, eventually youll gather enough customers to create your success.

Graph Search makes it easy to connect with new people through the use of search phrases. For example: Friends of friends who grew up in your hometown. When you reach out to these people, there is a mutual connection, making it more likely that they want to become friends and try your products.

Messenger: This is private messaging. Network marketing is about building relationships. The stronger your relationships, the more customers and distributors you have on your team. The fastest way to build a relationship is connecting with someone one on one.

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With Messenger, you can send private messages similar to email , make free phone calls all around the world, video chat have face-to-face conversations without leaving the comfort of your home , text chat, and speak with many people privately at the same time.

Photos and Video: People often download products for emotional reasons. First, they might hear an amazing testimonial from someone they trust.


Then, they see their friends using your product.You can use Events to invite your friends to local, regional and national meetings for your company. Third Year Writing taken by Juniors during the spring semester Sherry gets excited and comes on board the next morning. The truth is that most of the people involved in these multi-level marketing schemes do not even make enough money to cover their own costs.

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Groups connect you with other people who may have an interest in your products. Graph Search makes it easy to connect with new people through the use of search phrases. Cincinnati Enquirer cincinnati. Zurvita is the company producing Zeal of Life products. For a complete United States Income Disclosure, visit www.