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A PDF file should load here. If you do not see its contents the file may be temporarily unavailable at the journal website or you do not have a PDF plug-in. Join the Mysterious Benedict Society as Reynie, Kate, Sticky, and Constance embark on a daring new adventure that threatens to force them apart from their. In a city called Stonetown, on the second floor of an old, grey-stoned house, a boy named Reynie Muldoon was considering his options. He was locked inside.

Tessa McMillan. Toggle navigation. Alternatively, you can download the file locally and open with any standalone PDF reader: Tessa McMillan Reading Level: Primary, Intermediate, Young adult Rating: Outstanding Genre: Adventure stories; Science fiction; Subject: Benedict's home.

The government officials from Stonetown want Mr. Benedict to give them the Whisperer, but Mr. Benedict wants to examine it before he turns it over. While the children's families are out of the house, members of Mr. Curtain's gang steal the Whisperer.

Filled with page-turning action and mind-bending brain teasers, this wildly inventive journey is sure to delight. Editorial Reviews Once again, evildoers are afoot in Stonetown, and once again, the four members of the Mysterious Benedict Society come to the rescue.

In this case, the dark plot involves an actual blackout, but our intrepid quartet refuses to be stymied by mere technical difficulty. To set things right, Reynie, Kat, Sticky, and Constance must surmount numerous obstacles and face their worst fears. Intelligently written; rip-roaring action; brain-teasing puzzles. The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Prisoner's Dilemma Mysterious Benedict Society Series 3 questions tutorial full characters story with analysis guide dummies including all chapters gratis, sparknotes author, part introduction.

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Study basics work and materials with rules trilogy, diaries integrated literature. Everything all right in there? Have you decided yet? We need more time! Reynie called. Are you sure? There was a note of concern in Rhondas muted voice. They heard the dead bolt turning. Do you need a drink of water or anything? Were ne! Reynie cried quickly.

Just a few more minutes, please! Very well, but please hurry, Rhonda replied, and she locked the door again without entering. We have more lessons to get through, you know. That was close, Kate whispered when Rhondas footsteps had receded. I thought about hiding behind the door, but my magnet would have given us away regardless.

Not to mention me, Sticky pointed out. I couldnt even have stood up in time, much less hidden behind the door. Sure you could have, said Kate.

I was going to help you. Sticky stared at her, appalled. He had a vivid mental image of his arm being yanked out of its socket. And I was going to use the twine to jerk the magnet over to me, Kate said casually as if accomplishing all this in the. So it was pointless to try. Its all pointless, anyway, Sticky said, thrusting his chin into his hands. Were never going to change Constances mind. I think well just have to betray each other and get on with it.

I suppose youre right, said Kate. Oh well, I dont mind washing if you boys will dry. She trailed off, having noticed Reynie staring at the window with his brow furrowed. Reynie, whats the matter? Constances brow was furrowed, too. But she was staring at Reynie. Hes getting an idea! Reynie glanced at her absently and looked back toward the window. He was seldom caught off guard anymore by these ashes of perception.

Neither were Sticky and Kate, who leaned eagerly toward him. What is it, Reynie? What do you have in mind? Option C, Reynie replied, and gave them a sly smile. When Rhonda Kazembe knocked on the door some minutes later, she received no reply. From inside the room, however, came a suspicious sound of frenzied movement. She knocked again, and this time heard a hushed voice saying Hurry up!

These words were enough to make her scrabble at the dead bolt, especially since the voice had sounded like Kates.

How could Kate even be in this room? As she unlocked the door Rhonda heard the distinct sound of a window slamming shut, and in rising alarm she burst into the room. Her mouth fell open.

The room was empty. Rhonda, a graceful young woman with coal-black skin and lustrous braided hair, was every bit as intelligent as she was lovely.

She instantly saw what had happened. In the far wall gaped an exposed heating duct; the register had been removed. That would explain how Kate had gotten into the room and no doubt Sticky, too. Oh, but surely! Surely they didnt! Raising the window with a bang, Rhonda held it open with one hand and leaned over the sill to look below.

The children were nowhere to be seen. She looked up toward the eaves. Still nothing. Much relieved yet equally puzzled, Rhonda frowned as she lowered the window. Had they ed through the heating duct, then? But those urgent words Dont look down! Rhonda closed her eyes. The door. They had been behind the door. Even before she turned, Rhonda knew what she would see.

Sure enough, there they were, having already crept out of the room and now standing in the hallway.

Reynie and Sticky were grinning and waving; Constance, like a pintsized, pudgy princess, had raised her chin to demonstrate her smug superiority; and Kate was leaning in through the doorway, one hand on the doorknob, the other gripping a. With a wink and a half-apologetic smile, she pulled the door closed. The dead bolt turned with a click. For a moment Rhonda stared at the locked door, slowly shaking her head. And then, with laughter bubbling up in her throat, she began to clap.

Benedict was amused. This was hardly unusual. Sometimes, in fact, Mr. Benedicts amusement sent him right off to sleep, for he had a condition called narcolepsy that caused him to nod off at unexpected moments. These episodes occurred most often when he experienced strong emotion, and especially when he was laughing.

His assistants who were also, as it happened, his adopted daughters did what they could to protect him he could hardly take two steps without Rhonda or Number Two shadowing him watchfully in case he should fall asleep and topple over. Benedict guarded against such incidents himself by always wearing a green plaid suit, which he had discovered long ago to have a calming effect.

Nevertheless, the occasional bout of sudden sleep was inevitable, and as a result Mr. Benedicts thick white hair was perpetually tousled, and his face, as often as not, was unevenly shaven and marked with razor nicks. Unfortunately nothing was more comical, Mr.

Benedict said, than the sight of himself in the shaving mirror, where his bright green eyes and long, lumpy nose together with a false white beard of shaving lather put him in mind of Santa Claus. He also wore spectacles of the sturdiest variety, the better to protect against shattering in the event of a fall.

But as the best kind of fall was one prevented, it was not uncommon to see an amused Mr. Benedict diligently suppressing his laughter. Such was the case now, as he sat at the dining room table with Rhonda and the children.

The point of the exercise, said Mr. Benedict, the corners of his mouth twitching, was more philosophical than strategic, you see.

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma

More than anything, it was meant to be an examination of the consequences of ones actions on others. Sticky, I am sure, could recite the aims of the original Prisoners Dilemma, but Rhonda and I had thought to adapt the game for our own purposes.

Here Mr. Benedict allowed himself a smile, adding, Just as you did yourselves. The children, thus far pleased by Mr. Benedicts response to their solution, began to feel uneasy. They sensed that they had overlooked something they ought not to have overlooked a misgiving intensied by the appearance of Number Two, who just then came storming into the dining.

The young womans normally yellowish complexion had darkened almost to the same hue as her rusty red hair; and her expression, stern to begin with, positively radiated disapproval now. If the children didnt know Number Two loved them, they might have thought she meant to put them on the curb and be done with them forever. With not one thought, said Number Two, pointing her nger at them, not a single thought for how your trick might affect Rhonda, what do you do?

You pretend to go outside without protection? You pretend to climb out the window on the third oor? You She interrupted herself to bite angrily into an apple, which she chewed with great ferocity, glowering all the while.

Reynie could hear her teeth crunching and grinding all the way from his seat at the other end of the table. He wished he were sitting even farther away than that preferably somewhere in the distant past.

Number Twos words had stung him like a slap. She was right. He had been so pleased with his idea that he hadnt really considered whether it was a decent thing to do. Rhonda gave no sign of being upset, but during those rst few moments she must have been worried indeed, he had counted on it and looking back on his decision, Reynie was ashamed. Were sorry! Oh, Rhonda, that was stupid of us! It seemed funny at the time, but It was funny, Constance interjected.

Just because youre sorry doesnt mean it wasnt funny. Constance has a point, said Rhonda with an easy smile. But I do appreciate your apology, Kate, and I can see from.

Really, its all right. All right? Number Two snarled. When our only concern is for their safety? When our every thought and deed Number Two, said Mr. Benedict gently, I quite concur.

But as we are pressed for time, would you be so kind as to fetch the duty schedule? We need to recongure it.

The mysterious Benedict Society and the prisoner's dilemma

Number Two swung about and stalked into the kitchen. Even from a distance they could hear her erce attacks on the apple; each bite sounded like a spade being thrust into gravel. Reynie suspected Mr. Benedict was giving her an opportunity to calm down. Our original plan, Mr. Benedict told the children, was to release you from kitchen duty next week, thereby offsetting any extra work you had to put in this week as a result of the exercise. We wanted the consequences to seem real, you see, to heighten the effect, but we didnt actually intend to work you like galley slaves.

This way Rhonda could tell you the truth, if not the entire truth, and perhaps keep Constance from seeing through the ruse. Constance might have seen through it anyway, of course we thought that worth investigating, too.

Ah, thank you so much, he said as Number Two, somewhat calmer now, returned with the duty schedule. Why do we have to change the schedule? Cant we just keep it as it is? Today is errand day, Rhonda said. Thats why we chose it for this particular exercise.

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We needed to reschedule duties, anyway. I thought things were unusually quiet around here, Sticky said. Errand day well, that explains it. Errand day was when all the adult houseguests went out to deal with shopping and business. These prized forays into Stonetown came but once every two or three weeks, always on a different day and never announced beforehand.

The adults claimed this was for security reasons, and no doubt it was, but Reynie suspected they were also glad to avoid any begging and pleading, since the children were never allowed to go anywhere themselves. Kate jumped to her feet. Dont bother with the schedule, Mr. Let me take extra duty today. Itll make me feel better. Me, too, said Reynie. Kitchen duty with Kate was exhausting you had to work madly to keep up and he generally avoided it when he could.

Count me in! She burst into laughter at this, for of course she had only been kidding. The good thing about kitchen duty on errand day was the reduced quantity of lunch dishes. With the exception of Mr. Benedict, who claimed responsibility for Constance, all of the childrens guardians were absent.

Gone from the table were the Washingtons, Miss Perumal and her mother Mrs. Perumal, and Kates father Milligan, whose own errand was to protect the other guardians as they ran theirs. The bad thing about kitchen duty on errand day was the notable lack of wonderful aromas in the air, for their friend Moocho Brazos a former circus strong man and, more to the point, a marvelous cook was also out running errands, which meant soup and sandwiches for lunch, and nothing baking in the oven.

I wonder where they are right now, said Kate, passing another well-scrubbed plate to Sticky, who had hardly started drying the last one. I hope they remember to bring us something, called Constance from the pantry, where she was pretending to be busy.

I meant to give them a list. They might have other priorities, said Sticky, drying frantically. My mom needs to talk to someone about a job she can do from home. Or, you know, from here she hasnt been able to work since September. He frowned at the plate in his hand.

Sorry, Kate, I got this one kind of sweaty.

Kate cheerfully scrubbed it again as Sticky somewhat less cheerfully mopped his brow with his sleeve. Dont worry, Constance!

They always bring us something, dont they? They know its our only consolation for being stuck here while theyre out. Reynie, bearing a stack of dry dishes, paused on his way to the cupboard. Ill bet they had lunch on Stonetown Square, he reected wistfully. They can probably smell the saltwater from the harbor. And the dead sh, Constance called. And the gasoline fumes. Reynie shrugged.

At least dead sh and fumes would be something different. Speaking of different, said Kate with a grin, I wonder how they look? The boys chuckled. They all knew the adults were compelled to wear disguises in public. For a secret agent like Milligan, disguises were run-of-the-mill the children were rather used to seeing him transform into a stranger but it was comical to imagine dear old Mrs.

Perumal, for instance, or the burly, mustachioed Moocho Brazos, dressing up to conceal their identities. The use of disguises and other security precautions were well-known to the children, who always pressed for every detail of the outings.

They knew the routine by heart, and in lieu of actually getting to go out themselves they often went over it in their minds: First Milligan would contact his personal sentries a group of trusted agents posted throughout the neighborhood to ensure they had seen nothing suspicious in the vicinity.

Then he would distribute empty cardboard boxes and bags to the other adults, and with a casual word to the courtyard guard about a project at Mr. Benedicts other property, he would escort his charges to a small house across the street. This house, with its narrow front yard and modest porch, looked as tidy and well-maintained as any in the neighborhood, but in reality its interior was in an awful state of disrepair.

Benedict had downloadd it years ago, not to be inhabited but to serve as a cover for the entrance to a secret tunnel. Milligan would lift open the cellar doors at the side of the house. The doors were made of imsy wood, set slantwise to the ground and held closed with a simple, sliding metal bolt the sort of cellar doors that suggest nothing more important lies beyond them than dusty fruit jars and discarded boots.

In the cellar itself, however, was another door, this one made of steel, with a lock Milligan said could not be picked and to which only he possessed a key. This door opened onto the secret tunnel a narrow, damp passageway that stretched several blocks and ended beneath the Monk Building, a typically drab and unremarkable ofce building downtown.

At the Monk Building the adults would mount several ights of a dark stairway with Mr. Washington supporting Mrs. Washington and Moocho carrying her wheelchair until they reached a hidden anteroom, where they caught their breath and donned their disguises. The anteroom opened by means of a secret door into an ofce that belonged to Mr. Benedict, and in its wall were tiny peepholes that allowed Milligan to ensure the ofce was empty.

He didnt want them stumbling unexpectedly upon an astonished custodian. Finally, when he was sure the coast was clear, Milligan would lead the adults through the ofce, down the Monk Buildings seldom used public stairs, and at last out the buildings front doors.

It was hard to imagine exactly how they felt as they stepped out onto the plaza in the heart of Stonetowns business district. Perhaps they broke into wide smiles at the prospect of a days freedom.

Or perhaps they were overcome with a sad nostalgia, remembering the days before they had. But just as likely they would be glancing warily about and hoping not to draw attention. They must feel uncommonly strange in their disguises. Do you ever worry about them?

Sticky murmured after a pause, and Reynie and Kate returned his sober gaze. They could hear Constance rattling around in the pantry. Sometimes, Reynie admitted. But I remind myself that the authorities are on high alert, and theres been no activity reported anywhere near Stonetown And Milligan can spot a Ten Man a mile away, Kate put in. And he can do more than spot him, if it comes to that. The boys nodded, even though the last time Milligan encountered Mr. Curtains henchmen hed needed several weeks to recover from the injuries.

The circumstances had been different then they knew because theyd been there and they quite shared Kates condence in her father. Youre right, Sticky said. They couldnt be safer if they had a dozen guards.

Yes, theyre ne, Reynie said. Im sure theyre ne.

Of course they are, said Kate. They spoke without real conviction, however, for though the adults were surely as safe as could be expected under the circumstances, the question remained: How safe was that, exactly? Kate pulled the plug in the sink, and in troubled silence the friends watched the sudsy water drain away.

The mysterious Benedict Society and the prisoner's dilemma

Constance emerged from the pantry with a half-empty sleeve of cheese crackers, her cheeks bulging like a chipmunks. Whatre you wooking at? Nothing, said the others at once, and Constance scowled. It infuriated her when they tried to protect her. They couldnt help themselves, though, nor were their reasons entirely seless: Constance was always difcult, but when she grew anxious she was perfectly unbearable.

Lets go outside, Reynie said, turning away before Constance could search his face. We still have some time before afternoon lessons. The children enjoyed being outside, but getting there was a tiresome business. First they had to seek permission from an adult, who often had to check with someone else to verify the alarm code, for the code was changed almost daily and all the downstairs doors and windows were wired. Benedicts rst-oor maze had been renovated into makeshift apartments for the Washingtons and Perumals, and the alarm system with its direct signal to the police station as well as Milligans sentries provided an important new defense.

Then they had to wait while the adult conferred with the outside guards, and only then could they venture into fresh air. The children usually preferred the large backyard, where there was more room to run about, and in Kates case to turn a few dozen handsprings and ips.

The exception was when Mr. Bane was posted there. Bane was an unpleasant guard, a gruff and grizzled man who seemed to believe children should be kept in boxes until they were proper adults.

When Mr. Bane was in the backyard, they went into the courtyard instead. Today, as it happened, Mr. Bane was off duty altogether, and as soon as they had hustled into their coats and hats, and Reynie had helped Constance with her mittens she was close to tears trying to get her thumbs in their places , they ran out the backdoor.

They were greeted by Ms. Plugg, a tough, stocky guard who had been walking about on the frost-covered grass to keep warm.

Afternoon, children, Ms. Plugg said, nodding as they came down the steps. She had an oddly large and rectangular head, rather like a cinder block, and when she nodded Reynie always had the disquieting impression that it was sliding off her shoulders.

Im sorry, I forget your name.

Plugg, snapping her ngers. Good afternoon, Sticky. I promise I wont forget again. Yielding the yard to the children, she took up a watchful position at the top of the steps, where Sticky, unfortunately, could hear her mumbling quietly to herself, Sticky.

Always ddles with his glasses. Okay, ddlesticks. Ill remember that. Stickys stomach uttered disagreeably as he walked away from the steps. He had grown so used to being with his friends, he felt somehow caught off balance and deeply embarrassed overhearing a strangers observations about him.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, watching it rise as vapor in the cold air, Sticky made a spontaneous, private decision. Kate, meanwhile, had been about to put down her bucket, but Reynie caught her arm.

Dont start tumbling just yet,. His look wasnt lost on any of them. Sticky and Constance glanced furtively over their shoulders, and Kates eyes narrowed as she rebelted her bucket to her hip, opening the ip top for quicker access to its contents.

They all fell into step with Reynie as he set off around the yard. No one spoke. The only sound was the crunch of their footsteps on the frozen grass.

The yard was enclosed by a prickly hedge, behind which stood a tall iron fence with sharp points at the top of each paling. At the back of the yard Reynie stood on his tiptoes to see over the hedge, and through the fence, into the quiet lane beyond.

Something had obviously spooked him. Guess what? Bane wasnt here on the last errand day, either. First we moped around in the courtyard, and then we came back here to play kickball.

Constance shrugged. Banes never here on errand day. Kate gasped in disbelief. And you didnt see t to mention that? I never thought about it! I never even Shh!

Its okay, Constance. We all have a lot on our minds. But if what you say is true Its true, all right, said Sticky, already reaching for his polishing cloth. He caught himself, scratched his chest instead,. I should have noticed it myself.But I also think Mr. But discussion was impossible with Constance, who had insisted from the start that they choose Option B. But Sticky and Kate had gone with their rst impulse. Outstanding Genre: Benedict's brother, Mr. For example when one chapter was finished, it would sometimes be a cliff-hanger, and leave you wondering what would happen next.

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