Live from Gen Con Indy, we have posted Ultimate Power for sale in PDF format in our Green Ronin Online Store. Ultimate Power provides you. MUTANTS & MASTERMINDS is an “effects-based” system: the power mechanics describe what a nomena to virtually unlimited power within a specific set. of that material. Mutants & Masterminds, Super-Powered by M&M, Green Ronin, and their associated logos Spending Power Points Power Princess being a real toughy: having things like Diehard and Ultimate Tough- ness, along .

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Ultimate Power A Mutants & Masterminds Sourcebook Author: Steve Kenson Cover Artist: Chris Stevens (Udon) Format: pages, full color PDF In this handy. Mutants & Masterminds Second Edition Errata Ultimate Power sourcebook for Green Ronin's Mutants & Masterminds superhero roleplaying. Ultimate Power - In this handy PDF are over superhuman powers: coupled with dozens of power feats and modifiers, available in 20 or m.

Mutants and Masterminds - Hero High

Tom: Actually, the first kid-strip was Young Allies, also by Simon and Tom: There was the expected backlash, which is to say that some read- Kirby, which debuted in its own series as well. Anything that enters into the popular cul- keep audiences.

Who is your favorite young thereafter. Was it the first tragedy to befall a young hero in comics? Hero High: At what point did powered teens go from sidekick to Campaign Styles accepted heroes in their own right? Was there a reason for the Question 7: How Many Teen shift?

than anything else I can think of.”

Tom: It all goes back to Spider-Man, the modern day progenitor of the young hero. Spidey was the first teenaged superhero to be a head- Tons Probably more.

Stop trying to count most other kid sidekicks were barely characters at all—they had them. No, really. They all felt like they stepped out of a teen comedy from the the difference.

Was this a seminal point for comics? Did it worlds out there, let me tell you about the more interesting ones for signify a transition in the real-world influence of comic heroes? And by interesting, I mean cool, funky, and really danger- ous.

Yeah…thought that would grab your attention. Odin, bad, or just shopping. See Chapter 4 for more about them. Most folks would welcome you at all. Think of the movie Bring It On with all the attitude have called at that point, but not you.

Ultimate Power (PDF)

On the minus, the sidekick club rules state you gotta pick a Not a good place to be. Think being grounded…forever. Who are genetic aberrants? On this world, teen heroes are members of the resistance movement fighting whatever the government throws your way. Killed as in killed dead. What attracts you to teen-hero comics? Marc Guggenheim Writer A. Notables: Blade, Wolverine, C. To me, that was not so much a story of a guy getting powers A.

Everything was confusing and difficult, be it in his fights against these mad villains or his relationships with his girlfriend. Sheer genius as a metaphor. TV , The O.

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I love writing teenage characters. When I was a teenager reading comics, the teen heroes were always my favorite. I related falling in love for the first time. And as a teen who grew up reading comics, I always loved Q. What is your favorite young champion or teen-hero storyline? And I still love those characters. DC was publishing these mini-series about his solo Q.

Those were almost the only DC comics I read back A.

Nothing in life is as hyper-real as in High School. It has all the problems of an adult Q. A teen hero is easier for the young readers to relate to. You are ALL students—and more humor in stories featuring teen sidekicks or heroes. He or she will be learning to A. At the risk of sounding self-serving, my own favorite teen hero was Peter Parker. He School are echoed in our young heroes! I thought he was a very Q. Gotta go with Spidey.

But, everything that Allan Heinberg is empathetic character—and those are usually the best kind. When I was younger, I enjoyed seeing someone my own age who had grand A. We all have a different golden age of comics. I was a preteen when I discovered the magic of comics appeal as an adult; we all remember the exciting but often tumultuous process of and reveled in them during my teen years.

There was a story where Spider-Man had to run away from a fight, because his A. My favorite teen hero is, of course, the always-stunning Spider-Girl!

New Mutants is the book I look back at with very fond memories but to pick one Sean McKeever Writer storyline from the run would be too difficult. Sorry this answer is so short, hopefully my blabbing before Q. Dealing with all the usual hero issues—identity, morality, certainty, courage—are Chris Yost Writer fascinating topics to write on their own, but when you plug them into a teenaged character it all goes into overdrive, since these are the exact sorts of issues we all Notables: New X-Men, Fantastic Four TV , X-Men: Evolution TV , Teenage Mutant deal with in those oh-so-important years leading up to adulthood.

When I was a Marvel. But they had the same problems that normal teens had—relationships, school, adults keeping them down, all with the added bonus of costumes, bad guys Mike Raicht Writers and powers. But when they do, the crowd goes wild. It was mostly about seeing cool things happen to superheroes because Q. Ultimate Spider-Man has been an incredible run these last issues.

And even keeps his sense of humor. They were kids dealing with pretty intense situations and trying to be kids at the same Marc Sumerak Writer time. I also got into Teen Titans right around the time of Terra joining the group A. One of the great aspects of dealing with younger characters in a super hero story is and the whole Judas Contract storyline.

I kept hoping she was going to make the right that sense of wonder inherent in all children. Unlike longtime heroes like Spider-Man or choice, and not betray the Titans. It was a bummer and my first Batman who have been donning costumes and fighting crime since before most of us real taste of the good guys winning but losing at the same time.

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Very bittersweet. Teen books take me back to when I first started collecting as a kid. I began collecting from a less jaded point of view I loved the X-Men Q.

I was only 12 at the time and A. I New Warriors always stood out to me as some of my favorite teen hero stories. For liked that these characters were young, unpolished and far from perfect. These were the first time, I was reading about a team of heroes that were my own age—that the heroes that made mistakes and we more relatable because of it.

Our teen and were learning and growing along with me. Completely illiterate characters are faced with a potential Disability complication during the game. The Language Barrier Generally speaking, languages are not terribly important in comic book superhero stories except as background color or occasional plot complications. Gamemasters should allow players with characters fluent in other languages the occasional opportunity to show them off or put them to good use.

If you specifically set up the language barrier as an obstacle by confronting the heroes with a language they cannot possibly understand, that should count as a complication and be worth a Victory point.

You can speak and understand additional languages. With one rank in this advantage, you know an additional language.

For each additional rank, you double your additional known languages: two at rank 2, four at rank 3, eight at rank 4, etc. So a character with Languages 7 is fluent in 64 languages! Characters are assumed to be fluent in any languages they know, including being able to read and write in them.

For the ability to understand any language, see Comprehend effect in Powers. As a standard action, you can spend a Victory point to remove one of the following conditions from an ally with whom you can interact: dazed, fatigued, or stunned. The attack hits you rather than your ally, and you suffer the effects normally. You cannot use this advantage against area effects or perception range attacks, only those requiring an attack check. See Inventing for details. You can do this a number of times per game session equal to your Luck rank, with a maximum rank of half the series power level rounded down.

The GM may choose to set a different limit on ranks in this advantage, depending on the series. This minion is an independent character with a Character point total of advantage rank x Minions are subject to the normal power level limits, and cannot have minions themselves. Your minions if capable of independent thought automatically have a helpful attitude toward you. They are subject to the normal rules for minions see Minions.

Minions do not earn Character points. Minions also do not have Victory points.

Each additional rank in this advantage lets you choose an additional option, so with Precise Attack 4, all your attacks both close and ranged ignore penalties for both cover and concealment. Your total attack bonus is still limited by power level. The new target must be adjacent to you and within range of the attack.

The attacker makes a new attack check with the same modifiers as the first against the new target. If you fail a check against that hazard, you can make another immediately and use the better of the two results.

You only get one second chance for any given check, and the GM decides if a particular hazard or skill is an appropriate focus for this advantage. You can take this advantage multiple times, each for a different hazard. You may only do so at the start of combat, when you would normally make your initiative check. If more than one character uses this advantage, they all make initiative checks normally and act in order of their initiative result, followed by all the other characters who do not have this advantage.

For example, you can feint and have your target vulnerable against one or more allies next attack s , rather than yours.

Each rank in the advantage lets you transfer the benefit to one ally. The interaction skill check requires its normal action, and the affected allies must be capable of interacting with you or at least seeing the set-up to benefit from it. Create your sidekick as an independent character with advantage rank x 5 Character points, and subject to the series power level. Your sidekick is an NPC, but automatically helpful and loyal to you.

Gamemasters should generally allow you to control your sidekick, although sidekicks remain NPCs and the GM has final say in their actions. Sidekicks do not earn Character points. Sidekicks are not minions, but full-fledged characters, so they are not subject to the minion rules.

You can make routine checks with that skill even when under pressure see Routine Checks in The Basics. This advantage does not allow you to make routine checks with skills that do not normally allow you to do so. You can take this advantage multiple times for different skills. Targets resist with Insight , Intimidation , or Will defense. The extra attack is with the same attack and bonus as the first.

You can continue using this advantage until you miss or there are no more minions within range of your attack or your last target. A second rank in this advantage allows you to attack non-adjacent minion targets, moving between attacks if necessary to do so.

You cannot move more than your total speed in the round, regardless of the number of attacks you make. You stop attacking once you miss, run out of movement, or there are no more minions within range of your attack. Targets resist using Deception , Insight , or Will defense. This bonus also applies to the Aid action and Team Attacks. You can also throw normally harmless objects—playing cards, pens, paper clips, and so forth—as weapons with a damage bonus equal to your advantage rank and range based on the higher of your advantage rank or Strength see Ranged in Powers.

Your maximum damage bonus with any given weapon or attack is still limited by power level. This takes a minute of uninterrupted meditation and a DC 15 Awareness check. While in the trance you add your Awareness rank to your Stamina rank to determine how long you can hold your breath and you use the higher of your Fortitude or Will defenses for resistance checks against suffocation see Suffocation.

Poison and disease effects are suspended for the duration of the trance. You are aware of your surroundings while in trance and can come out of it at any time at will.Tom: Actually, the first kid-strip was Young Allies, also by Simon and Tom: There was the expected backlash, which is to say that some read- Kirby, which debuted in its own series as well.

Over a dozen publishers have produced more than fifty products using the Superlink program. You can do this a number of times per game session equal to your Luck rank, with a maximum rank of half the series power level rounded down.

I loved the X-Men Q. Under the second edition, power points and power levels are independent, the latter being set by the gamemaster as a function of the campaign. Gamemasters should allow players with characters fluent in other languages the occasional opportunity to show them off or put them to good use.

Choose at the start of the round whether the bonus applies to attack or defense.

The attacker makes a new attack check with the same modifiers as the first against the new target. Streaky, Whizzy, Lockheed, and Jimmy Olson.