It comes with a pretty artsy book about architecture but I personally feel the book doesn't do a good job engaging us lego readers to make connections with lego. LEGO Architecture Studio book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An inspirational guidebook filled with pages of tips. Lego Architecture Studio Book on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Lego Architecture Studio Book

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Two years ago, I downloadd the LEGO Architecture Studio set. I never Some of the models in my book require parts not included in LEGO. This content is a natural extension of the content in the book, and I hope you I bought your book and I can´t wait to have the LEGO Architect Studio Set for. Oooooo. LEGO Architecture studio o co . than a book: it is an invitation to a hands-on . Technology and architectural studio KRADS, created.

Take the challenge, and share the Lego challenges you create. My personal goal is to build better models through practice and research into advanced building techniques. This is important to helping others try the day challenge.

Use only the pieces in the set: I will try to build each challenge using only the bricks included in this set, plus a couple baseplates. That said, I might recruit a few colored bricks for certain projects.

LEGO Architecture Studio

Document and share my progress: It is important that I capture and share the results of each challenge on my blog. I hope that others will try these challenges as well! That said, since this is my project, I reserve the right to adapt the rules as I go.

I also hope that people following my progress will suggest additional ideas for me to try. Details are added, and bits extended with impossible cantilevers, until you realise the table is full of things that recall the megastructures of the Japanese metabolist movement crossed with the autocratic monuments of Pyongyang.

Or maybe that was just us. In the end, we cut our losses and piled everything up into one gigantic totem pole, sprouting helipads and dripping with skygardens in a way the oligarchs of Knightsbridge could only dream of.

None of which, we concluded, would we have come up with without the Lego. But nor did it feel like it encouraged any architectural investigation — just an exploration of form, at a particular scale encouraged by the proportions of the blocks, there being an inclination to build at what you generally think of as Lego scale.

Far from being a quick way to throw together an idea, building with Lego is a laborious process of sifting through to find the right piece. It leads to a kind of preciousness, the sharp, white precision of the pieces somehow at odds with the idea of rough-and-ready sketch-modelling.

It all felt limiting, in comparison to what could be achieved in half the time with polystyrene foam and a hot wire, the staple of most architecture practices; or with digital software and a 3D printer.

To make things even easier, I developed a collection of LEGO labels which you can print and affix to the front of every drawer. The labels are designed for a Brother Label printer.

Chapter 4: Writing a book The longest chapter in my 2 years with the LEGO Architecture studio set follows my experiences getting approached by a publisher, conceiving of an initial idea for a book, finding the right publisher, writing the book, and seeing the warm reception by LEGO enthusiasts from around the world.

This was an exhausting yet exciting experience, especially now that I can share my excitement for the finished book with the world. Much of this time was spent researching styles and editing the book, but I also spent a lot of time designing and refining the LEGO models featured in the book.

I decided pretty early that it was more important to create compelling LEGO models that capture the most important characteristics of their respective styles than to ensure that each model could be built using only the parts from the Architecture Studio set.

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Thoughts for Architecture Studio 2. A more approachable book for folks who are new to Architecture. A better way to sort and store your bricks.


I use Akro-Mils drawers which allow fine-grained sorting, but they do not travel well. A revised selection of bricks.Architecture - July 4th, - View the gallery LEGO sets are a personal favorite for many people in creative professions.

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Jul 19, David Ramirer rated it really liked it. I was on my way…. On July 16, , President George Washington chose this James Hoban design from six competing designs from renowned architects. Build Time: